Get to Know Your Seven Chakra Sisters

I don’t know too many people who speak Sanskrit as a second language, but most of the information that teaches about chakras seems to assume that we know what the Sanskrit terms Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara mean. Over time, if you are an avid student of these energy portals, you might eventually become familiar with these names.

But what about those of us who need a more accessible way to remember the names and qualities of the chakras?

I needed to heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually when I was going through an extremely challenging and stressful time in a marriage that was dissolving, not evolving. That’s when they came to me as loving guides who offered answers to my prayers with practical wisdom. Who are ‘they’? I call them my seven chakra sisters, the wise inner allies who eventually became my closest friends, in a metaphorical and metaphysical way.

I realized how much I kept repeating the phrase ‘I need’ (a feeling of safety, a mind of my own). Or ‘I want’ (a new life, a better relationship, a good time). Or ‘I have to’ (get out of this house, get my act together, find meaning in my life).

Soon, I heard myself saying all day long, “I need a… I want a… I have to…” and that’s when Aneeda, Ivanna and Ahafta showed up. These were the first three chakra sisters! I could easily relate to them. Who were Muladhara, Swadhisthana and Manipura anyway?

1. Anneda: Root Chakra

Aneeda taught me about my needs. At the root chakra, I needed to know that I belonged to a family that I could trust. I needed stability because my husband’s illness and disease of addiction threatened our financial security. I needed a home that felt safe. I needed to eat well, I needed to exercise and get fresh air. I needed to learn self-care. I needed a strong foundation under me, and Aneeda eventually helped me stand on my own two feet.  

2. Ivanna: Sacral Chakra

Ivanna helped me see all the wants and desires that had been lost over the years. I wanted to enjoy life again. I wanted healthy relationships. I wanted to feel juicy and desirous! I wanted to remember that I had the right to feel my emotions without being humiliated. Ivanna helped me move my stiff hips and sacrum, which revived my sexuality. Ivanna was my ‘vroom-vroom’ sensual chakra sister who showed me how to have fun, be enthusiastic and not feel guilty about it!

3. Ahafta: Solar Plexus Chakra

My solar plexus was usually always tight in those days, but not because I was buff with great abs; instead, it was as if I was constantly being punched in the stomach. I had a hard time ‘digesting’ what was going on in our household, so Ahafta started roaring inside of me. Her fire element gave me the impetus to do what I had to do. She gave me a few mantras to keep me going. “I have to make a change! I have to get things done around the house. I have to begin to think of myself as a single woman. I have to have courage.” Ahafta gave me greater self-confidence and enough strength to push through inertia and depression.

4. Ahluvya: Heart Chakra

Once my personal power felt stronger, I knew that I didn’t want to close my heart down forever. I needed Aneeda, I wanted Ivanna, and I had to have Ahafta help me remember my right to love and be loved. That’s when I met the sister who lives in my heart chakra, Ahluvya. Her energy helped me breathe deeply again. The more I expanded the vast space in my heart center, the more Ahluvya felt light and free inside of me. She showed me how easy it was to accept all things as they were, unconditionally. She was inclusive of everything and everyone. Whenever I called her name, ‘Ahluvya,’ I purposefully put my attention on loving whatever situation arose in that moment.

5. Singya: Throat Chakra

Over time, as I became more aware of myself as a confident and competent loving being, I made friends with Singya, the chakra sister who taught me how to truthfully say what I meant with sincerity and kindness. She lives in my throat chakra and keeps my airways open for honest expression to flow from both my heart and my mind out my mouth. No more lies, holding back, or suppressing my voice. No more speaking out with harsh words. I can sing my own unique song into the world with Singya encouraging me. She ends any discord and keeps me in harmony with myself and others!

6. Useeme: Third Eye Chakra

The chakra sisters provide an inner structure that can help each of us make healthy personal choices and become spiritually mature. Useeme lives in my third eye chakra, the sister who sees and knows everything about me. She watches the other chakra sisters and keeps them in line, teaching all of us to work together as a unified team. Useeme helps me think clearly so I can envision my life with a new perspective and a higher consciousness. In my mind, our mantra is “I see you, Useeme, and I know you see me!”

7. Iamone: Crown Chakra

Finally, Iamone always opens her skylights at my crown chakra, connecting me to the source of all life. She is the essence of my soul who keeps me in the present moment. This highest chakra sister reminds me who I am, which is so much larger than my small ego with its human traumas and dramas. Iamone’s name actually means ‘I am One.’ I can call upon Iamone much more easily than Sahasrara, although I know I am one with all those Sanskrit sisters, too!

Seven Chakra Sisters bookArticle based on Linda Linker Rosenthal’s book The Seven Chakra Sisters: Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy, Happy, Loving, and Wise Hampton Roads Publishing, June 2013.






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