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I really believe that the sugar fast is one of the hardest and yet most rewarding detox programs I have ever attempted. you really see how addicted we are to sugar and how it is in most of what we eat. I highly recommend slowly cutting sugar out over a week or two, starting with soda, white sugar etc and replace these with the healthier sugars found in fresh squeezed juice, fruit, and very dark chocolate. Once these are replaced and doing well then start reducing these as well. It is really lifechanging.


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I am thinking about detoxing. Has anyone tried wheatgrass juice for detoxing? I heard it is realy good, but I am not sure yet. Thanks. :)

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yes i drink it daily and it works wonders. I wouldn't try only wheatgrass juice for a series of days as it is not recommended. I have a 22 oz bottle of it every day in addition to the water that i drink and I have felt significantly better since starting. (and I definitely notice when I don't have it)

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oh my god, the detox did wonders for me, i used to be always tired and just ughh....I feel more centered and healthy.

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The quality of the water we drink, in general, not just during detox, is essential to our health. Most of our body is made of water and it is needed by every cell to perform its functions! Bottled waters are perceived as healthier than tap and filtered water, but actually most are acidic and oxidizing waters, meaning they actually contribute to health problems. In addition, the plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals which can leach into the water. There is a special kind of water called Kangen water, which is alkaline, very anti-oxidant and more absorbable to your body than other waters . This water is produced from tap water using a home device called a water ionizer, which creates these special properties. This technology has been used in Japanese hospitals for over 35 years!

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yes, I love it! I definitely recommend it! =)

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Actually i am thinking about detoxing. I am very glad to see such nice information, which I was searching for a long time. It's really good. Thanks....

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I started taking green grapes for body detox as I heard that it is very helpful in colon,kidney and liver cleanse. I took it for almost 2 weeks.
It has actually helped me alot. Now I feel better then before.

But I just read in internet that green grapes may cuase some blood related issues. so, we should only take red grapes. is it right?


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Many people aware of that the liquid diet can be a good way to detox, but it is also the best diet detox if you want to achieve rapid and healthy weight loss. Detox diet menu is the best plan for reducing extra calories and have a good health and fitness.

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Each pound of body fat is maintained by less than one extra calorie per hour. In general, obesity is not a condition maintained by overeating, obesity is a condition brought about and maintained by eating more calories than the body uses, consistently. Thanks.

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I did a cleansing for the first time last week. It was a 9 day cleanse. It was tough at first but I made it through. Lost about 8lbs. The best part was that I now have more energy and I am not as tired.

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