5 Steps to Green Your Outdoor Décor

A backyard makeover for spring

Spring is finally here! Temperatures are rising, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and you’re … still inside?

If a lackluster lawn, patio or garden is what’s keeping you from enjoying the great outdoors, then maybe it’s time to give your backyard a makeover.

But it wouldn’t do to enjoy Mother Nature’s spring showcase while polluting her planet. Unfortunately, a lot of outdoor décor comes with an eco price tag: patio sets made from virgin wood, outdoor lighting that sucks up electricity — even bug repellant made from toxic chemicals that can leach into water systems (not to mention your skin!).

Luckily, there are plenty of eco-friendly outdoor options that are easy on the planet. Take these five steps to green your outdoor décor and you’ll be ready for backyard parties, mornings spent digging in the garden, or just a lazy day of reading on the deck.

1. Get grounded

Reversible Outdoor RugsKeep the outdoors outside with all-weather rugs that reduce the amount of dirt you’ll track back into your home after a romp in the yard. They also do wonders to spruce up practical but decidedly un-pretty concrete patios. Our new Reversible Outdoor Rugs (pictured at right) come in a plethora of patterns and colors and are hand-woven from recycled plastic. Or check out our Turkish Pattern Reversible All-Weather Floor Mat, hand-crafted by fair-trade artisans from recycled plastic soda bottles. Have kids? They’ll love our Flip-Flop Doormats made from recycled scrap material from the rubber flip-flop manufacturing process.

2. Lighten up

Solar Shoji LanternsAdd whimsical ambiance to outdoor entertaining with our Solar Shoji Lanterns (right). These Japanese-inspired, solar-powered LED lights hang from any trellis or tree and automatically switch on at night. Looking for a little romance? The LED JOI Lantern is powered by a simple tealight candle using eco-conscious thermoelectric technology, providing the perfect glow for an outdoor table for two.

3. Set the scene

Recycled Tire TubsMake your outdoor living space irresistible with elegant seating and décor. Relax with a glass of organic vino in one of our Wine Barrel Chairs (sold in pairs or individually). Handcrafted from salvaged white oak wine barrels discarded from California wineries, each chair is individually marked with the winery brand under the seat. Need outdoor storage? Our eco-friendly Recycled Tire Tubs (right) are inspired by Middle Eastern leather baskets, but created from reclaimed rubber tires!

4. Garden with grace

Buddha Garden SculptureFind serenity among the blooms with this peace-inducing Buddha garden sculpture (right). Made from fiber-reinforced cement, it was inspired by ancient sculptures from Eastern temple carvings. Ready to plant? Our Garden Potting Bench is made from sustainably harvested, FSC-certified eucalyptus. It also doubles as an entertaining station for backyard dinners or parties!

5. Bug off

Recycled Glass Wasp CatchersMosquitoes or wasps wrecking your outdoor oasis? Skip the toxic pesticides and look for people-, pet-, and planet-friendly pest repellants instead. Our Mosquito Mister Lantern mists out a safe, all-natural bug repellent and includes a soft-glow light for nighttime. Protect your family from wasps with our beautiful and functional Recycled Glass Wasp Catchers (right), based on a time-tested design that’s been around since the Middle Ages.

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